LED Chicken Coop Light Solutions For Stepped Layer Cage

led chicken coop light 5

The chicken house adopts four layers and four rows of stepped layer cage, we recommended to use our M7 LED chicken coop light. Due to the use of gantry type feeding rack, the lights are hung relatively high, the highest is 3.5 meters, the spacing is 4 meters, the ground illumination was measured at about 20Lux after installation, meeting the lighting needs of laying hens in the production stage. M7 is the best light for chicken coop for stepped cage breeding.

Lighting For Broiler Chickens

Lighting For Broiler Chickens 3

Lighting For Broiler Chickens needs higher light intensity to improve the quality of the eggs. We recommend higher power poultry led bulbs, which are simulated with software so that the floor is uniform and free of dark areas.

Chicken Coop Lights

Chicken Coop Lights 4

This project adopts 4-layer layer hens cage(H-shaped layer cage), customer require that the high and low chicken coop lights should not be staggered. We designed A70 poultry led bulbs in the middle of the aisle, and arranged a soft LED lamp strip under the third layer material tank to provide light to the opposite side, so that the lower two rooms can also have even and cross high light.Uniform illumination avoids the phenomenon of laying eggs late, laying eggs small due to insufficient illumination in the lower layer.

Stepped Cage Chicken Coop Light Solution

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This project adopts staged layer cage, we recommend the two-color conversion breeding poultry bulb for them, which are usually produced with warm white light and turned on blue light in epidemic prevention to reduce the stress injury of chickens.

Cascading Cages Broiler Poultry Lighting Solution

Broiler Poultry Lighting 5

The broiler poultry lighting project is Wens broiler raising company, the chicken house is 87 meters long, 13 meters wide, adopting stacked cages, 3 layers and 3 columns.

As the chicken cage feeding method adopts the gantry feeding rack, traditional bulb is not very ideal to be used as the chicken house lighting because the bottom cage can not reach the illumination requirements due to hanging too high, we designed the way of complement light control on both sides of the aisle, the way of lighting in the middle of the aisle. So that the bottom of the cage is also full of light.

Cooperate with our poultry lighting control system to meet the lighting requirements of broilers at all stages!