LED Poultry Light Dimmer

LED Poultry Light Dimmer LED Poultry Light Dimmer
LED Poultry Light Dimmer 2 LED Poultry Light Dimmer 2

Our poultry light dimmer lighting by dimmable system. It can simulate sunrise and sunset lighting. The system is suitable for all kinds of poultry, including broiler,layer and breeder. Dimmer controls lighting by sending 0-10V(or 0-5V)signal to drivers. It is also able to control dimmable florescent lights by signal. There are 2 models to set auto dimmable/sunrise and sunset, program 1 and program 2. Auto dimmable is controlled by the clock inside. Besides auto dimmable, there is manual and 0-10V available. All settings are easy and convenient.

  • Full phase day – age lighting plan

  • Simulating Sunrise and Sunset

  • Simulate color temperature, color changes

  • USB data import and export

  • Anti Surge Design

  • Manual&automatic dimming mode

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When 220VAC inputs dimmer,the function light of manual will be red. Press dimmer button, all number screen will be on. Sunrise and sunset time can be set according to your need.

After press dimmer button,the function lights will be red, showing current model. Rotate the dimmer button can change function light position. From right to left,function lights mean standby, manual, auto, auto-dimmable program 1, auto-dimmable program 2 and clock. If do not adjust the dimmer button for 5 seconds, dimmer will confirm current model automatically.

  1. Clock

When you turn on the system at first time,it is necessary to correct it according to local time. Press dimmer button and rotate it to clock function light on.

Press dimmer button shortly again to choose hour and minute. Correct the time and then wait 5 seconds to confirm automatically.

There is spare big capacity battery inside ensuring clock work normally when power is cut off.

  1. Set auto dimmable / sunrise and sunset time

When poultry light dimmer works under auto dimmable, 2 models are available and can be set by dimmer button separately. The number screen will show current brightness when auto dimmable model is working.

Set auto-dimmable program 1. Press dimmer button and rotate it to PROGRAM 1 function light red. Then press dimmer button shortly again, set sunrise beginning time, sunrise durable(max 150 mins), Max brightness(99%), sunset beginning time and sunset durable(max 150 mins). Wait 5 seconds for dimmer confirmation automatically. Setting finished.

Set auto-dimmable program 2 is same as above.

LED Poultry Light Dimmer 3

For example:

Auto-dimmable program 1

  1. Set sunrise beginning time 6:45 am
  2. Set sunrise durable 30min
  3. Set max brightness 99%
  4. Set sunset beginning time 8:30 pm
  5. Set sunset durable 30min, Wait for 5 seconds, setting finished
  1. Dimmable by manual

Press dimmer button and rotate it until MANUAL function light on. Then press dimmer button again shortly to confirm. Now the lighting brightness can be adjusted by dimmer 0-10V signal. 99% is max brightness.

Only current brightness and clock will be showed under manual model.

  1. Standby

When system is under standby model,only its function light will be on. And there is no signal outputting from dimmer.

LED Poultry Light Dimmer 4

Q1. How do i know how many lamps and accessories for my projects ?
Floored Broiler / layer farm: Please tell us the dimension of the sheds, length*width*mounting height
Caged broiler / layer farm: Please send the inner design drawing to us, or tell us the interior structure of the sheds.
Pig farm: Please tell us the interior structure of the sheds.
Our professional sales will make a lighting plan for you.

Q2. Our shed is the old style, we don’t have the controlling panel to control the environment of the shed.Can i get a automatic-lighting system? 

Yes, we can offer you a automatic lighting system which can set the on / off time and also sunset & sunrise.

Q3. What is the MOQ?
Small QTY is ok.

Q4. What is the process for the faulty products?
Our lighting system has been exsiting for 10 years, It is barely found any faulty lamps till now.
If it is faulty, we will send replacement to you by Express or with next order according to the situation.

Q5. Can you print our LOGO on the product and packing?

Yes.Please offer your design drawing and details to our sales before order confirmation.

Q6. How do you arrange the delivery.

We do use Expresss (DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, EMS…), and also by air / sea /train shipping.

It depends on your order QTY and emergency, our professional sales will give you a advice.

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