Broiler lighting

Broiler Lighting in a poultry house does matter. That’s for sure. Our decades of experience and research have shown that every type of poultry has its own needs with regard to an optimal light climate. Together with our partners, we fulfil those needs to eventually benefit both animal and farmer.

Correct lighting improves broiler sight and directly influences broiler behaviour, well-being and performances. By making sure that broilers are able to see properly, they’ll feel better and eventually perform better. Optimal sight can lead to easier environmental adaption, an improved FCR, less stress and more. When the different aspects of light are correct, they directly influence broiler behaviour, well-being and performances as well. Lower mortality rates and uniform growth are just a few of the many benefits.

In short: by providing optimal lighting, overall broiler farm performances will improve in a responsible way.

Discover the benefits of Broiler lighting

Optimal lighting in a broiler house

  • Benefits both animal and farmer

  • Optimises animal sight: optimal environmental adaption

  • Increases animal well-being: less stress, lower mortality & more

  • Improves animal performances: improved FCR, uniform growth etc

  • Improves farm performances in a responsible way