Poultry House Lighting Sterna

Poultry House Lighting 1-1 Poultry House Lighting 1-1
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The Sterna is a one of its kind poultry house lighting solution that has been especially designed for low chicken coop lighting systems. Thanks to it’s coated surfaces and high transmittance optical lens design, the Sterna is able to realise higher animal comfort. There is more though. The Sterna is able to stimulate both poultry- and farmer well-being in several ways.

  • IP rating: IP67

  • Flicker Free

  • Anti Ammonia, Anti-High Pressure Water Gun Washing

  • Dim range: 100-0%

  • Simulate Sunrise And Sunset

  • Plug and Play

  • Expected average lifetime: 50.000h

  • Reduce Mortality By 2%

  • Improve Productivity By 1%

  • Improve Food Conversion By 3%

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Poultry House Lighting 4-1

Poultry well-being

To realise optimal poultry vision, well-being and performances, it is important to provide the correct amount of light at each row of the cage system. The Sterna’s coated surfaces are especially designed to realise this. Besides that, the Sterna provides flicker-free, 100-0% dimmable lighting with a perfect light spectrum to naturally simulate daylight.

All combined, this leads do a decrease in undesirable behaviour such as pecking, whereas poultry lighting well-being and performances improve significantly.

Farmer well-being

A decrease in undesired behaviour, higher animal well-being and better performances surely make a farmer happy. That’s not all, as far as the Sterna is concerned. The Sterna is created for the long term. Thanks to being made of the highest quality materials and the fact that it is IP67, the Sterna is easy to clean, having an expected average lifetime of 50.000 hours. A significant decrease in down-time, replacement costs and workload is the logical result of this.

Sterna: A solid long term investment.

Poultry House Lighting 5-1

Power: 10W
Color 2700~6000K, R,G,B
Dimmable Range 0-100%
LEDs Samsung
LED Driver External 320W Meanwell LED Driver
Lumen 90lm/w
Input Voltage DC48V
Beam Angle 200°
Waterproof IP67
Dimension Diameter 95* H210mm
Operating Temperature  -20°C to 40°C / -4°F to 104°F
Installation Fixed by steel cable
Certificate CE, RoHS,FCC
Lifespan 50,000 Hours
Warranty 3 years

Q1. How do i know how many lamps and accessories for my projects ?
Floored Broiler / layer farm: Please tell us the dimension of the sheds, length*width*mounting height
Caged broiler / layer farm: Please send the inner design drawing to us, or tell us the interior structure of the sheds.
Pig farm: Please tell us the interior structure of the sheds.
Our professional sales will make a lighting plan for you.

Q2. Our shed is the old style, we don’t have the controlling panel to control the environment of the shed.Can i get a automatic-lighting system? 

Yes, we can offer you a automatic lighting system which can set the on / off time and also sunset & sunrise.

Q3. What is the MOQ?
Small QTY is ok.

Q4. What is the process for the faulty products?
Our lighting system has been exsiting for 10 years, It is barely found any faulty lamps till now.
If it is faulty, we will send replacement to you by Express or with next order according to the situation.

Q5. Can you print our LOGO on the product and packing?

Yes.Please offer your design drawing and details to our sales before order confirmation.

Q6. How do you arrange the delivery.

We do use Expresss (DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, EMS…), and also by air / sea /train shipping.

It depends on your order QTY and emergency, our professional sales will give you a advice.

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