Dairy Lighting

Correct dairy lighting intensity and duration have a very positive effect on the health, fertility, welfare and productivity of dairy cattle. Probably the best known phenomenon of light is that it controls hormone levels in dairy cattle and therefore has a positive impact on milk yield, which can increase by 10%. It is probably less well known that correct, uniform lighting in livestock housing improves fertility and has a positive influence on oestrus, and also makes it easier to spot. The calving interval can also be reduced by using the correct lighting regime and light levels. Signs of disease can also be detected at an earlier stage.

Good lighting makes life better for both the cows and the farmer.

Discover how to optimize your milk production

The proof is in the production:

  • 6.4% milk production increase under LEDs

  • about 4 lbs of milk per day per cow

  • $0.57 per day per cow

  • per 100 cow herd equal roughly $21, 000 per year