Chicken LED Light Improves The Welfare Of Chickens

Chicken LED Light

Chickens are more likely to get excited when they’re lit by regular CFLs. If the light control is not good when the breeding density is large, there will be pecking fighting between each other. And once a chicken has a wound, it causes the others to become more excited, which leads to more pecking and more mortality.

Another consequence of pecking and fighting is that the dust in the dust-filled chicken coop is more serious, which is easy to cause respiratory diseases of chickens, which is also an important cause of death of chickens.

As leds spectrum can be modulated, after experimenting with countless lights, farmers finally choose AGROFARM poultry lighting equipment as the replacement. they found that chickens have reasonable exercise habits when under the irradiation of particular LED spectrum, but peace of mind and joy, rarely fight, no more restlessness in the chicken house. In addition, the dust in the hen house is reduced and environment is improved, and the chickens live more comfortable and harmonious.

The energy saving of LED lamps is well known. To achieve the same lighting intensity, LED lamps require only about one-third of the power of energy-saving lamps. For example, a 15W energy-saving lamp needs only about 5W if it is replaced by an LED lamp. In terms of service life, the average service life of LED lamps is 25,000 hours, while the average service life of CFLs is only 6,000-8000 hours.

And through research, we’ve developed a better model chicken led light that fits the circadian rhythm of chickens. Now Most chicken farms are lit for about 20 hours a day, we only need to control it to 18 hours, and the lighting cost is saved accordingly.