Our Poultry Lighting System

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Advantage Of Agrofarm Poultry Lighting

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As a 10 years experienced in poultry lighting system original manufacturer, we provides layer, broiler and breeder with perfect poultry lighting. Furthermore, according to cage types, we develop different lights. With our dimmer, low resistance cable and easy plug, offering stable sunrise and sunset environment. CRI>83, almost same brightness and expected lifetime as long as 60, 000 hrs offer scientific spectrum. Our products are designed according to waterproof and dustproof, stroboscopic, 0-100 non-polar dimming and safe low voltage. Very low lighting decrease will be helpful to save labor cost for replace bulbs.

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Improve Poultry Meat/Egg Production
Improve Poultry Meat/Egg Quality
Improve Animal Welfare
Reduce Mortality
Save Energy Cost
Save Installation time and cost


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